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Questions and Answers Where should I study abroad? London, Spain, Amsterdam or Australia? I am applying for a Fall 2010 Semester Exchange & cannot decide. Plus, I have some questions about each place! I am a English/Philosophy/Dance student in New York. I have not traveled much (Israel, New Orleans, Florida) but I have been longing…

Posted on June 3, 2014 BY admin

Cheap Places to Stay in London

Questions and Answers Does anyone know of a cheap place to stay in central london? If so, where abouts, and how much? Me and some girlies are going there on a bender…. Posted by Mit Moo I think that Bed and Breakfasts are the best way to go in London when it comes to central…

Posted on BY dealkits

Hotel Deals London

Questions and Answers Help with London hotels…? Here is a link to the London 2012 website, it shows where a lot of the events are happening. But I am not familiar with the London area. Http://… Can someone please tell me what hotels are near these venues or somewhat close? Thank you so much! And…

Posted on BY admin

Best Deals London

Questions and Answers Cheap tickets to London? We're flying to London within the next 18 months to see her uncle and grandparents and we can fly with her mate who can get us there and back from Tasmania for under $1000 AUD but I would like to know of some places where we can get…

Posted on BY beastvoucher

London Flight and Hotel Packages

Questions and Answers Flights from London, United Kingdon to Delhi, India? Short visit to India, Please help me! Posted by Linda Try Http://… – Flights to Delhi, india this site is especially good and unique as it provides impartial and independent advice on all aspects air travel. DVT, hotel Services, Vacation Package, Car aviation health…

Posted on BY admin

Tour Packages for London and Paris

Questions and Answers Complete tour package: London, Ireland, Paris, Rome? I've decided on two separate tour packages that I'm pretty okay with…..those two tours are: 15 Day CIE British and Irish Grandeur tour 11 Day Tour Rome, Venice, France, Monte Carlo (Globus/Europe tours) Thankfully the CIE tour finishes for example on the 15th and my…

Posted on BY dealkits

Discounts in London

Questions and Answers Tower of london student discount? Is this only for UK students? Im a university student in the US can i still get a discount or do i count as an adult thanks. Posted by BB If you have a student card with you, then you should get the same discount. Student discount…

Posted on BY beastvoucher

Groupon London

Questions and Answers How much does it cost to advertise a deal on Groupon UK? I want to advertise a deal for a meal offer in a restaurant on groupon but can’t seem to find out how much it costs. Does anyone have any information/knowledge on this? Many thanks. Posted by gototo My first and…

Posted on BY admin

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