Discount Clothing

Questions and Answers Website with discounted clothing? I came across this website a long time ago. (Like 6 months or so) With a whole bunch of discounted clothes. It had all sorts of brands like Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle…The website was black in the background (I think. It was kinda dark) and I think it…

Posted on June 3, 2014 BY beastvoucher

Discount School Supply

Questions and Answers Where can i find help getting school supplies? i am looking for -2 boxes Crayola Crayons 24 count each -1 doz #2 Pencils sharpened -4 large Glue Sticks -4 Dry Erase Markers -3 two-pocket Plastic Folders (one red, one blue, one purple) -1 box Crayola classic broad Markers 8 ct -1 watercolor…

Posted on BY vouchercup

Discount Hotel

Questions and Answers Discounts on hotels? Hi ive check out all the name brands sites like 'priceline" orbitz and most others , with the summer rates they dont appaer to be giving discounts at all . Were kinda open on which hotel we stay at were looking for 4 nights , does anyone know of…

Posted on BY dealkits

Discount Shopping Websites

Questions and Answers Good shopping websites? Im looking for good shopping websites for teens stuff like,,and I don't want like amazon or eBay but good teen websites where I can find I verity of diff brands cheap and sites that have huge sales. Posted by Steelers32 There are a lot of great…

Posted on BY sweetsblog

Discount Department Stores

Questions and Answers What is the associate discount at Nordstrom (the department store)? Posted by Michael F Nordstrom employee discount is between 10-33% based on performance (read that as most get 10% and those that routinely exceed sales goals get more). 4 times a year they get additional discounts. Fav department discount stores? I love…

Posted on BY vouchercup

Discount Jewelery

Questions and Answers Where to buy discount swarovski jewellery? Hi there is this earring I would like to purchase that is on the Swarovski website but unfortunately is a little pricey. Just wondering if anyone knows any coupons, or places in Toronto, Canada that can sell me the earring I want below the advertised price….

Posted on BY admin

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