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Mobile phone deals?

Has anyone taken out the mobile phone deal where you get a free xbox 360, I would like to know if you do actually receive it or is it a scam with a big catch.

Posted by C


Check This Site Out!

They Offer Free Phones and Shipping.

You Can Compare Phones and Services of Nextel, Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Etc.

They port numbers for free.

I ordered my phones and service from here and they work great!

Hope this helps!


Mobile phones?

I am really confused about all this mobile phone stuff. I am getting my first phone next week but whats all this about unlocked phones and how to do get on to another network….

Also what is the best deal for a pay as you go lg kg800 (chocolate) phone….

Posted by high skool


Unlock the full potential of your GSM cell phone so that it can be used with any service provider, anywhere in the world.

With an unlocked phone, you simply plug in a different SIM card (the small bit inside these larger credit card sized holders) to change service providers. Simple, easy, and instantaneous.


And about lg choc you can check this deal on Mobile Phone Shop online:


Sony Xperia S mobile phone – good deal?

Hi. I have seen the Sony Xperia S mobile phone and it looks great. But has anyone seen a good deal at all, because the provider I am using at the moment (T-Mobile) want £36 a month, which seems a little high. Have you seen a better deal? Any information would be much appreciated!

Posted by Lisa Simpson


Its an amazing phone.

You could try phones 4 u

O2 24 Months 200 minuites 3000 texts Includes 500MB Data & WiFi

but you have to pay £89.00 and its £21.50.

Orange Dolphin 26 – 24 Months 400minuites 3000texts Includes 250MB Data Allowance

FREE £26.00

or carphone phone ware house

T – Mobile, 24 months, 300 minutes, Anytime Any network, Unlimited* texts, 750 MB Data

FREE £26 a month

T- mobile, 24 months, 600 minutes,Anytime Any network

Unlimited* texts , 250 MB Data, FREE, £26 a month.

Best Deals Cell Phones. Biz – Samsung Galaxy S4

O2, EE and Vodafone blasted for charging customers to unlock mobile phones – Expert Reviews

The InquisitrO2, EE and Vodafone blasted for charging customers to unlock mobile phonesExpert ReviewsMobile phone companies also need to be clearer about when a contract is coming to an end and communicate this to customers. Seven in ten people said they would spend more time hunting down the best deals if such information was better communicated.Cell Phone Providers, Please Unlock Our PhonesThe InquisitrWhich? Calls on mobile providers to ‘unlock handsets for free’Techie Newsall 8 news articles »

Thinking, Thinking Work, Man, Face - Free image - 272677

HSBC turns bearish on China’s carriers (Seeking Alpha)

The recent rally in shares of Chinese carriers isn’t justified given their earnings are likely to decline over the next 2-3 years, says HSBC’s Tucker Grinnan, cutting shares of all three to Underweight. China Mobile ([[CHL]] -1%), China Telecom ([[CHA]] -1.5%), and China Unicom ([[CHU]] -1.3%) have slipped in response.Grinnan’s downgrade comes shortly after CHL, just given more freedom (along with peers) to set its own prices, announced plans to cut 4G data prices by up to 50%, and to also slash 2G/3G data prices.Goldman upgraded CHL and downgraded CHA on Monday. China’s carriers are expected to benefit from tower-sharing deals that will lower capex, but also have a list of challenges that includes SMS traffic declines, rising phone subsidies, and the pending arrival of MVNO competition. Post your comment!

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