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Why are bargains sometimes dangerous?

Posted by Khrystine C

If a bargain looks too good to be true, it probably is. Bargains can sometimes involve something illegal. In terms of buying something, often with a bargain there is no guarantee, no ability to return the product, or change you mind about the the service, and get your money back. Those offering bargains may be struggling to stay afloat financially and are trying to increase cash flow by offering bargains. As with anything, but particularly with bargains, it is "buyer beware".

What is "bargaining unit work"?

I was reading new union contract for UPS and I stumbled upon a term that seems ambiguous…heres what it reads.

Accordingly, the Employer agrees that supevisors or other employees of the Employer who are not member of the bargaining unit shall not perform any bargaining unit work…..

What does bargaining unit work mean?

Posted by Spiritually Speaking

A bargaining unit is generally a group of employees covered under one contract, such as Local 101. If Every member of Local 101 is bound by one contract, every member of Local 101 is a "Bargaining Unit".

Bargaining unit work is a function that only a member of the Bargaining unit is allowed to do under the contract.

For example. A manager is not allowed to do the work of a truck driver. This would violate the terms of the contract.

How to bargain?

Posted by A

Bargaining or haggling is a type of negotiation in which the buyer and seller of a good or service dispute the price which will be paid and the exact nature of the transaction that will take place, and eventually come to an agreement. Bargaining is an alternative pricing strategy to fixed prices. Optimally, if it costs the retailer nothing to engage and allow bargaining, he can divine the buyer's willingness to spend. It allows for capturing more consumer surplus as it allows price discrimination, a process whereby a seller can charge a higher price to one buyer who is more eager (by being richer or more desperate). Haggling has largely disappeared in parts of the world where the cost to haggle exceeds the gain to retailers for most common retail items. However, for expensive goods sold to uninformed buyers such as automobiles, bargaining can remain commonplace.

Bargaining is also the 3rd stage of the Kübler-Ross model (commonly known as the stages of dying).

Dickering refers to the same process, albeit with a slight negative (petty) connotation.

Plea bargains

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Industrial Hub Morphs Into HK Hot Spot (Wall Street Journal)

Artists, galleries and fashion stores flocking to empty industrial buildings in search of both bargains and character have helped turn a former hardscrabble port district into a Hong Kong hot spot.

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