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Questions and Answers

Is plea bargaining unjust?

Why or why not?

Any and all answers are appreciated!

Posted by king_art_thegreat

No. Plea bargaining is voluntary by the defendant/accused.

In exchange for saving the Government the burden and expense of putting on a trial, which could result in acquittal or mistrial, and subsequent appeals, the accused/defendant pleads guiltly for some form of sentence leniency.

If it weren't for the plea bargain, we would NEVER get convictions on most criminals. Prosecturs rely on the plea bargain to get upwards of 90% of their conviction. A simple assault and battery case could take a whole day. If a prosecutor can knock out multiple assault and battery guilty pleas in one day…he/she has saved the taxpayer a LOT of money and more people get their convictions.

What is collective bargaining?

Posted by Lavada Frazier

Collective bargaining is generally a term used in association with unions. When workers want a better working situation, they bargain as a large, collective group (e.g. Union) to get better benefits, pay, working situations, etc.

Typically, the group will elect a representative or a small group of people to represent their interests, rather than have the whole group address the employer.

What are some cons about plea bargaining?

Alright another debate i have to do! Ugh back to back so i cant really find anything on plea bargaining that is bad so i need a little help. My teacher wants me to do this!! Thank you!!!!

Posted by baby gurl

Plea bargaining results in a defendant pleading guilty to a charge that is less than the original charge. Therefore, there is no record of the severity of what the defendant actually did. Also, it results in a sentence lower than what the defendant could have gotten with the higher charge. Therefore the criminal serves less punishment than was due on the original charge.

In general, plea bargaining makes everything on someone's record look less serious than it might be. Also, it results in DA's overcharging in anticipation of pleading down.

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